Wellness Program
We offer the industry’s only evidence-based, scientifically validated and NCQA certified Health Risk Assessment/Intervention (HRI) and digital health coaching program in the country. The programs consistently exceed 60-80% participation rates and improve agreed-upon program metrics. The wellness program includes the HRI, online and telephonic health coaching, risk stratification and proactive outreach, ongoing communication campaigns, health and fitness challenges tracked with over 200 health and fitness devices, and incentive management. The program is highly customizable to fit the unique needs and culture of each client company.

Resilience Coaching Program
Real solutions for managing stress and building useful skills to thrive in life. Program includes resilience assessments, coaching sessions, individualized resilience training plan, relaxation master tools, and interactive online resilience education. Specialty resilience coaching programs available for members with chronic conditions.

Maternity Wellbeing Support Program
Stress and depression are common and serious risks during pregnancy. This program offers early enrollment and assessment, participation incentives, 24/7 telephonic access to registered nurses related to pre-natal conditions and care, tools and resources via web, email and mailings, follow up, post pregnancy support and employer reporting.

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