Today’s health care environment is more complex than ever before. Many times medical concerns are further complicated by behavioral health issues.

Behavioral health management is critical to positively influencing overall health care outcomes. As your partner, American Behavioral is committed to assisting you with behavioral health care programs that improve the lives of your employees and their families while lowering health care costs and improving productivity.

American Behavioral offers a versatile, customized alternative to traditional behavioral health care plans. We coordinate the entire treatment process from initial evaluation to post-treatment follow-up. This process includes, but is not limited to:

  • Recommending an appropriate schedule of benefits, limitations and exclusions;
  • Securing a robust network of providers and facilities;
  • Facilitating the flow of information to employees, retirees and families;
  • Personalizing a continuum of care program;
  • Individualizing case management;
  • Conducting outlier assessment for intensive case management;
  • Coordinating treatment planning;
  • Providing utilization review;
  • Facilitating medically appropriate care, and
  • Providing access to a multidisciplinary network of healthcare providers.

American Behavioral can custom-design an employer-sponsored program providing disorder identification, clinical treatment referrals, and crisis intervention for employees and their families.  For those with more serious behavioral health issues, American Behavioral partners with providers, facilities, members, and their families to ensure that the care received is the most appropriate and effective.

The ultimate goal of behavioral health care is returning to a healthy, productive state of mind.  American Behavioral’s Clinical Services Department coordinates with both the employer and patient to identify cost-effective, appropriate services while focusing on quality care. Our specialized and experienced case managers are dedicated to helping the patient receive the right care in the right place at the right time from the most qualified providers, ensuring that the best outcomes are achieved.

For additional information about how American Behavioral can customize a plan for you, please contact us.