As a consultant or broker, you want what is best for your clients. The services you provide for your clients are the best offered and at American Behavioral, we too excel at being the best. As you work with your client companies, American Behavioral becomes an extension of your client’s human resources department, mirroring their philosophies and company mission.

While we are a recognized national vendor, one that has well over two decades of experience, serving some very large and well known companies, we are not the largest or most publicized vendor in the marketplace. We are comfortable with our position in the industry as our mission is to provide the best and most responsive services available to client companies. Because of our goals to provide personalized services to each client company, we know each client’s key employees and treat them as we would our own employees and families.

Bottom line- our staff is here to assist you in providing the best services available and to ensure that your client’s employees maintain a high quality of life.

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